Kate Witt“Strategically drawn supporting characters illuminate Prof. Jameson’s deficits like Scrooge’s ghosts: a colleague battling cancer (the marvelously earthbound Kate Witt)…” 
Third review by Margaret Friedman

“Kate Witt’s honesty and intensity keep her Holly well-clear of being a sitcom cliché friend…”
Next Fall review by David Edward Hughs

“Gunderson makes Emilie show more sides than a Dungeons and Dragons die, and Witt delivers. On stage for the entire play (and even the intermission; during the break Witt stays in character, writing formulas and paging through books), she projects an unwavering intellect and a fierce pride, but also a need for companionship and, sometimes, a yearning for a simpler life. Witt has full command of the character.”
Emile review by Michael Ligot

“ArtsWest had a winner a year ago with their production of “Emilie” by Lauren Gunderson…headlined by two powerful performances from Kate Witt and Nick DeSantis. It was intellectually clever theater with a lot of passion.”
Strangie Award for Emilie!