The Long Road

Thank you to all who came to The Long Road

It was an absolute honor to work on this beautiful show with this stellar cast. Thank you to Arouet for producing this!

Next up is the premiere of Julia’s Farm at the Riverside International Film Festival. I’ll be at the screening on April 10th. Come say hi to me!

“Strategically drawn supporting characters illuminate Prof. Jameson’s deficits like Scrooge’s ghosts: a colleague battling cancer (the marvelously earthbound Kate Witt)…” 
Third review by Margaret Friedman

“Kate Witt’s honesty and intensity keep her Holly well-clear of being a sitcom cliché friend…”
Next Fall review by David Edward Hughs

“Gunderson makes Emilie show more sides than a Dungeons and Dragons die, and Witt delivers. On stage for the entire play (and even the intermission; during the break Witt stays in character, writing formulas and paging through books), she projects an unwavering intellect and a fierce pride, but also a need for companionship and, sometimes, a yearning for a simpler life. Witt has full command of the character.”
Emile review by Michael Ligot

“ArtsWest had a winner a year ago with their production of “Emilie” by Lauren Gunderson…headlined by two powerful performances from Kate Witt and Nick DeSantis. It was intellectually clever theater with a lot of passion.”
Strangie Award for Emilie!